Managed IT Services

Guarantee the success of your business with managed IT services from Kirkham Systems.

When baking a pie, without the right ingredients, nothing turns out right. You need the best ingredients to make the best pie. In the same way, your business needs the right ingredients to keep it functioning at its highest level.  Reliable IT services are one of these ingredients. With managed IT services from Kirkham Systems, you get the competitive edge you need within your industry.

What can you expect from hiring Kirkham Systems as your IT partner?

  • Improved functionality of your business through virtualization, spam filtering, Help Desk, cloud backups and IT support
  • Protection of important data against malicious intruders
  • Streamlined workload, simplified management and improved quality of your output
  • Improved collaboration between employees through secure mobility

Cloud Solutions

Improve every facet of your business with cloud solutions from Kirkham Systems.

The cloud is one of today’s most powerful business tools, utilizing innovative technology to simplify your workload.  All work documents and applications can be stored on the cloud, allowing you to access everything you need to do business from any location, on any device.  This allows for improved flexibility and mobility, streamlined tasks and smoother collaboration between employees and clients. In addition, the cloud offers a higher level of data security.

Our team provides the proper consulting and support services to ensure your business leverages the most from our cloud solutions.

Business Continuity Planning

Produce your best work with business continuity planning from Kirkham Systems.

Without proper planning, your IT security strategy will be ineffective. That’s why we offer business continuity planning services.  Business continuity planning is crucial to any business that stores data.  We understand technical issues arise come without warning. That means you need to be prepared for absolutely anything – and we’ve got you covered.  Kirkham Systems can devise a protection plan to ensure the safety of your data and to prevent IT issues from disrupting your workflow.

Through our business continuity planning services, the Kirkham team will:

  • Ensure all of your files, documents and applications are backed up on the cloud
  • Protect your business from security threats
  • Devise a plan of action so your team knows how to respond in the event of an issue
  • Give you the peace of mind you need to focus on the work at hand

Let Kirkham Systems develop a plan of protection for your business.

IT Security

Protect your business from every threat with the best IT security and solutions from Kirkham Systems.

At Kirkham Systems, we use the right IT services and solutions to get the best end result. Running a business today can be a scary thing.  With data stored online, you need to be aware of the threats.  With Kirkham Systems as your IT partner, you can have the assurance of knowing every component of our IT security works to give you the most comprehensive and reliable protection.

Our IT security services include:

  • Cloud Backups
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Network Security and Stabilization
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Spam filtering

Don’t settle for less than the best.  Let Kirkham Systems give you the comprehensive IT security you need!